Only beauty in Islam

True meaning to Islam…Not from the media

Easy to Forget

Assalaamu Alaikum,

many people have so much fun in this life that they forget the true meaning of how short this life will be. I remember a Hadith where Prophet Muhammad (saw) said after praying one of the Ishaa prayers in his final days, he stood up and talked about that no one present today will be here in 100 years from now. (Its in Bukhari) and SubhanAllah we can clearly see that this life isn’t forever, many of us if Allah wills, will live up to the age of 60+ many of us wont, my simple reminder to myself first then everyone who reads this, is that time is coming closer to death, and we wont have any more time to please Allah after death, we wont have any time to ask for His forgiveness after death. Let us correct ourselves now and be grateful that we did in the next life, I for one do not even want to taste the hell fire for one second!

if you believe you have done enough good deeds, you are clearly in the wrong for we do not know how much good or bad deeds we have done in our lifetime, never stop doing good deeds never stop pleasing Allah (swt).
Your brother in Islam

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